Volunteer with Street Sense Media

Our mission to empower people experiencing homelessness depends heavily on volunteers from our community. Want to get involved? Check out our volunteer opportunities below.

Distribute payments to our vendors

The backbone of our organization, our Newspaper Distribution volunteers work to distribute newspapers to our vendors. These volunteers work a weekly four-hour shift from our office at 1317 G St. NW. Volunteers must be available for at least one shift M-F 9 am – 4 pm. If interested, contact [email protected].

Help us throw spectacular events

From film screenings to theatre performances, we regularly host multimedia events that showcase the incredible work of our vendor/artists. Event Volunteers are a critical cog in helping these events run smoothly. Events happen during and after regular business hours. If interested, contact [email protected].

Plan engaging community forums

Volunteer members of our Community Forum Committee plan forums that touch on topics of homelessness, such as mental health and criminal justice. The forum committee meets on Wednesday evenings. If interested, contact [email protected].

Plan our year-end fundraising Celebration (remote)

Every year, Street Sense Media hosts a multimedia gallery that showcases the work of our vendor-artists and raises funds to support them. Beginning six months before the event, volunteer members of the Celebration Committee work to plan and coordinate this critical fundraising event. If interested, contact [email protected].

Help our editorial department (remote)

If interested, contact [email protected].

  • Transcription: Approximately 75% of our vendors’ writing is submitted handwritten and no automated shortcuts have proven effective in accurately digitizing this work. We need help typing, or dictating via speech-to-text, the submissions to prepare them for editing and publication. This can be done remotely or in person depending on your schedule and preferences.
  • News Editing: As drafts are received, they will be shared ad-hoc to this list for a first read and initial feedback on the story. Each message will include a reminder of our editing guidelines and a deadline for edits. Volunteers will “claim” an assignment by being the first (and ideally second) to reply-all and note they will take it on. Two reviews of each piece is preferred.
  • News Writing: As story assignments become available and go unfilled by our vendors and interns, they will be pitched to this volunteer team. Messages will include the general topic, any time-specific commitments needed, and the deadline we need a draft by. Volunteers will “claim” an assignment by being the first to reply-all and note they will take it on. I also remain open to story pitches form members of this team.
  • Art Editing: Every Friday after our submission deadline has closed, a batch of poetry, essays, and fiction will be made available to this team. A recurring message will be sent to indicate the content is available and to provide a deadline when all edits are needed. Each message will include reminder guidelines of how to access and edit the documents. Volunteers will “claim” a story by noting their name at the top of it and self-prioritizing work to be edited in the folder by skipping over anything that has already been reviewed by 1-2 others. Two reviews of everything is preferred.
  • Page Layout: Every Friday before a new print edition is released, we will provide a page (or spread) worth of content that needs to be designed for the next print edition. This position requires personal access to Adobe InDesign. Illustration and/or infographic design skills are a plus but not required.
  • Web Publishing: We have a multi-year archive of content that is slowly making its way online. We were founded in 2003 but our searchable website only dates back to around 2010. Street Sense Media is seeking remote volunteers who can help us expedite this process by regularly creating posts of past articles in our WordPress database. I’ll provide 1-1 training and a written reference guide for this process. No previous experience is required, though familiarity with WordPress or a similar content management system is preferred. While this position will focus on archive content, we’ll occasionally ask for help publishing content from the current edition.