Dear supporter,

I thought I was going be in my own place this summer. I really did.

Back in January, I received a government voucher to help me pay for my own apartment. I was so excited the day I got it. But then, six weeks ago, I learned a mix-up in the system meant my voucher was taken from me. For the fourth year in a row, I’ll be spending the summer days outside in the scorching heat.

I sleep at a shelter at night, but we have to be out of the building by 7 a.m. each morning and can’t get back inside until 4 p.m. each night. The long hours in between are sweltering. In previous summers, I could sometimes escape the heat by slipping into a public museum or sitting in the lobby of apartment buildings, pretending I was waiting on a friend.

This summer, I’ll have Street Sense Media. The office provides a much-needed escape from the heat, but I won’t just be there for the air conditioning. I’ll be developing skills through multimedia workshops. I’ll be building community. I’ll be sharing my story and advocating for myself.

I’ll also be working toward permanent housing. The social workers and lawyers I’ve met through Street Sense Media’s case management program are working to solve my voucher problem. I hope to be in my own place soon.

Everyone knows that winter is a dangerous time for people to live outside. Many don’t realize that summer is worse. Now more than ever, Street Sense Media needs your support to get people off the streets and into their own homes.

Please donate today.

Sheila White
Vendor #593