The Street Sense Media Student Seminar is an educational event created for youth groups, high school classes, and college programs who want to learn more about street newspapers, the state of homelessness in the District of Columbia, and the causes and impact of homelessness as a whole.

The program sensitizes participants to the causes of chronic homelessness, challenges them to see beyond the mainstream media’s (mis)representation of the issue, and points to ways they can address homelessness in their own communities.

Additional features include:

    • Engaging and reflective activities exploring participant’s experiences and support which relate to one’s propensity for homelessness.
    • Conversation with vendors about the obstacles they’ve faced as members of the homeless community.
    • A conversation with Street Sense’s Executive Director about ways the youth of America can help end chronic homelessness (college groups only; younger groups by request).
    • An opportunity for your group to write an article about your community’s means of addressing homelessness, or another topic related to homelessness of your group’s choosing; which would be published in a future edition of Street Sense.

The seminar carries a $50 registration fee; with an additional fee of $10 per student participant (teachers and chaperones are free). No deposit necessary to schedule an event. Events may last up to 2 1/2 hours depending on your group’s desired schedule. Events must be held during Street Sense business hours; Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please schedule your event at least two weeks prior to your desired date; days and times subject to availability.

To schedule an event for your group or for any questions you have about the program, please contact Brian Carome, at 202-347-2006 ext. 12 or [email protected].