Searching “homeless” online returns photos of homeless people – we aim to showcase photos by homeless people. A weekly workshop trains participants in the technical operation of a camera, how to choose a composition and how to develop strong concepts.

The group contributes to our print and online news gathering, and as well as documenting the work of our media center.

Artist in Residence

sue dorfman - street senseSue Dorfman is a photographer, media strategist and educator. She began photographing in her teens in the days of Kodachrome and would say “I eat film for breakfast.” She and her camera have spent time on five continents, using photography to tell the stories of people’s lives and livelihoods. She holds degrees from Boston College, where she focused on visual sociology, and from Oberlin College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where her emphasis was on international relations and communications. Sue brought her talents to Street Sense in March 2015 when she will begin facilitation of a weekly photography workshop.