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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
~Their addiction recovery program serves “men and women age 18 to 65 desiring freedom from a life of homelessness and addictions”
~The first phase of the program is a “highly structured, 28-day residential treatment program where men and women experiencing homelessness and addiction: Receive education and confront addictive behaviors, Learn the 12-step Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous principles and practices, Rebuild physical health through a balance of nutrition, exercise, and sleep, Benefit from individual and group counseling, and accountability”
~For more information on the Adult Treatment Program, contact the Admissions Counselor at 202-667-8831 ext. 137.
~The second phase is the Transitional Living Program. It is a “6-month program which empowers residents to augment the principles learned during their 28-day treatment.”
~During these months, residents: Deepen their understanding of recovery by attending weekly meetings with addictions counselors, Develop a broad recovery support network, through local 12-Step meetings, as well as with a Sponsor, Be assigned a Case Manager to assist with transitioning to the outside world, Learn money management skills, Gain access to GED tutoring, job training, and spiritual growth opportunities, and Benefit from peer community support and accountability.
~For more information on the second phase of the program, call the Case Manager at 202-238-9055.
~The third and final phase is the Long-Term Recovery Program. It is “designed to assist residents with applying the tools they’ve acquired to live a wholesome, alcohol/drug-free life.” Formerly homeless and addicted men and women: Enjoy private rooms and share living & dining space in a drug/alcohol-free environment, Participate in on-going addictions counseling and social services, Develop leadership skills by serving as suite representatives, and Contribute to creating a community of support and accountability.
~Application Process:
~Start your application by clicking here or by visiting the main office at 2523 14th Street., NW, Washington, D.C. 20009, Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 5:00.
~ “To be eligible for our Long-Term Recovery Program, applicants need to have six months proven sobriety, a dedication to a drug/alcohol-free environment, commitment to community living, a secured sponsor, and the ability to pay rent of $430 (Larger rooms when available at $475), and employed for at least 30 days.”
~ “There are six pieces of documentation an applicant needs to have when faxing the required papers back to our social service coordinator. The documents needed are picture ID, birth certificate, Social Security card, police clearance, three recent pay stubs, proof of recent TB test, and letters of reference from service provider or primary caregivers.”
~For more information, please contact our Long-Term Recovery Program directors (for men: Jesse Washington at (202)667-8831 x266 or [email protected]. For women: Lynette Daniels at (202)667-8831 x267 or [email protected]).
~Please send your completed application to the above emails.

2523 14th Street., NW, Washington, D.C. 20009

Last updated: 08.13.19