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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
~ They offer rehab programs for individuals recovering from addiction.
~ Their programs offer “drug and alcohol-free residential settings”
~ Their treatment plan focuses on “the influence of the community,” consisting of staff and patients to help patients in their recovery.

~They provide individual and group counseling for topics including: relapse prevention, drug education, anger management, conflict resolution, spirituality, and life skills education.

Nutritional Counseling
~ They offer nutritional counseling to “promote a holistic approach to diet, nutrition, and health.”
~Their program teaches the fundamentals of healthy nutrition as well as the safe handling of food
~ They offer individual and group nutrition counseling as well as training in the areas of Food Safety, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene.

HIV/AIDS Resources
They offer a variety of services to clients who are HIV+ including:
~Support groups, counseling, and auxiliary services
~HIV One-on-One Education
~Entitlements (social, medical and mental health)
~ADAP applications and follow up
~Health Insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, DC Health Alliance)
~Housing referrals, SSI Benefits
~Food, water and childcare vouchers
Additionally, they offer medical services to HIV+ clients, including:
~Physical examinations
~Laboratory tests
~Subspecialty referrals
~Prescribing medication when necessary
~Continuing medical follow up

Emergency Housing/Shelter
~Their “emergency housing program provides beds for ten single adult men for a maximum stay of 4-6 weeks.”
~For more information, contact them with the number listed below.

1949 4th Street Northeast, Washington, DC, 20002

Email[email protected]

Last updated 07.31.19