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~Milestone Place is a single room occupancy (SRO) residence facility for previously homeless single adults with low income.
~It “provides affordable temporary housing for 35 single adults, many of whom are veterans in need of intensive case management.”
~They also provide substance abuse counseling, relapse prevention support, employment counseling and access to emergency services.
~Residents share lounges, dining areas, kitchens and bathrooms.
~For additional information about the Milestone program, including eligibility requirements, contact Susan Johnson at (202) 864-6236 or [email protected]
~Additionally, through their Housing Opportunities for Persons Living with AIDS (HOPWA) program, they provide 18 individuals with transitional housing up to 18 months every year.

~CFLS provides a large supply of diapers to families in the D.C. area
~They “provide diapers to single parents, low income families and to citizens who are simply unable to or provide essential diapers for their children.”
~For more information about our Diaper Program contact Mahendra Supeno at (202) 347-0511 Ext 3050 or [email protected].

~They distribute food bags every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (to the first 25 clients) and at other times with a referral notice.
~CFLS also participates in the Senior Grocery Plus Program which provides healthy groceries monthly to seniors aged 60 and over who live in the District of Columbia and meet eligibility.
~For additional information about Emergency Food or Clothing or for applications to participate in the Senior Grocery Plus Program, contact Bria Washington at (202) 347-0511 or [email protected] or Katherine Sponaugle at (202) 864-6310 or [email protected]

~They distribute clothing from “10:00 am to 12:00 noon to women on Thursdays and Fridays, and to men on Fridays. Children’s clothing is distributed from Wednesday to Friday. Clients can also receive clothing Monday through Friday through referral or appointment.”
~For additional information about Emergency Food or Clothing, contact Bria Washington at (202) 347-0511 or [email protected] or Katherine Sponaugle at (202) 864-6310 or [email protected]

Employment Assistance
~Services include:
~~Assisting clients with implementing effective employment search strategies.
~~Writing resumes.
~~Developing career portfolios.
~~Facilitating career management and career decision-making workshops.
~~Individual sessions to develop interview skills (including mock interviews that are video recorded for later review and reflection with client)
~~Monthly outreach throughout the community.
~~Employment clinics for resume writing, developing interview skills with mock interviewing, discussing background checks and drug testing, teaching basic computer literacy.
~~Working closely with new hire clients for job retention.
~For more information, contact Rhonda Deskins at (202) 347-0511 Ext 3070 or [email protected]

Case Management/HIV Services
~Community Family Life Services (CFLS) provides case management for individuals that are infected with HIV/AIDS
~Case managers help locate housing opportunities, manage treatment and medical care adherence, assist with client education and work with other programs in Washington, DC to facilitate a healthy transition to a state of self-sufficiency.
~Services for individuals with HIV/AIDS include:
~~Treatment adherence counseling
~~Emergency financial assistance
~~Transportation assistance
~~Advocacy and coordination of care with medical providers
~~Mental health referrals
~~Housing and food assistance
~~Assistance with applying for income and benefits.
~For additional information about CFLS Medical Case Management programs contact Whitney Arkin at (202) 853-3098 or [email protected]
~ Their HIV Prevention and Outreach Services “is committed to educating women and providing resources to maintain their physical and mental well-being.”
~Services include:
~~HIV 101 and Confidential Rapid HIV Testing (by appointment).
~~Individual & group Health Education sessions with a Certified Health Education Specialist.
~~Access to free condoms, dental dams, and feminine hygiene products
~~Assistance with referrals to services.
~They also conduct workshops on various health and mental health issues such as HIV 101, Self Esteem, Grief and Loss, Anger Management and How Comfortable Are You with Yourself. The women that access this service are incarcerated and/or part of the returning citizen’s population.
~For more information about the Women’s Wellness – HIV Prevention and Outreach Services, contact Shelby Wallington at (202) 750-6024 or [email protected]

305 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
(202) 347-0511 

Last updated: 08.07.19