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~The Men’s Ministry provides beds for homeless men through their Overnight Guest Program
~Men can stay in their facilities for 30 days initially and are then placed on a 15-day-in/15-day-out rotation.
~The Work Program is for “men who are currently employed full-time but have no place to live.” They receive a bed for 90 days and must save half of their earnings to secure their permanent housing after leaving the program.
~The Work Therapy Program provides ten male guests part-time work supporting Mission-related activities. They must save half of their earnings for permanent housing and seek full-time employment (or transition into another program) by the end of their one-year term.
~Additionally, The Lambert House “provides transitional housing for up to 24 men transitioning from homelessness to independent living.”

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
~The Restoration & Transformation Program (RTP) is a “residential rehabilitation program created to free men from the control of substances and other destructive behavior by establishing an active relationship with Jesus Christ.”
~The program accommodates 50 male students
~It offers “Bible study, biblical counseling, regular drug testing and work therapy [and] classes and tutoring in reading, writing, math, job readiness and computer skills.”
~ “After completing the RTP, men enter a Transition Period where they seek employment and are mentored through a gradual transition back into the community.”

Veteran Services
~ “The Mission partners with the Veterans Substance Abuse and Recovery Program (SARP) to provide temporary housing for up to six veterans in the VA treatment program for two to four weeks while their transitional housing is arranged.”
~”The Mission will provide emergency and long-term support to help homeless, hungry and unemployed veterans meet immediate needs, restore their lives and get back on their feet.”
~Central Union Mission serves veterans in numerous ways:
      ~Shelter: “On average, 17 homeless veterans stay in the shelter each night.  Some are referred to the Mission by the Veterans Administration.  Through a no-cost Memorandum of   Understanding with the VA, the Mission provides short-term housing for veterans while they participate in VA programs for homeless veterans.”
      ~Food: “Through its food pantry, the Mission serves on average 35 veterans per month, providing each of them and their families with enough groceries for about 96 meals each month.”

Employment Assistance
~The Extended Support Program is for men who struggle with mental illness, cognitive impairment and/or physical impairment and are without family or other caretakers. If eligible, the Mission helps them get health and income benefits and employment.
~The Ready2Work program is a “street-cleaning and beautification service provided by formerly homeless and unemployed men and women for six Business Improvement Districts in the city.”
~The program lasts from 12 to 18 months
~Participants get employment and the opportunity to develop their job skills. They also get social service support, adult education and employment counseling in preparation for long term employment.
~The Ready2Cook Employment Program has two options:
      ~Mission Muffins is a bakery run by homeless individuals, who “bake, market, sell and deliver delicious baked goods.” Participants get a salary and a room at the Mission, in addition to training for bakery work and business management.
      ~Culinary Job Training Program, sponsored in partnership with DC Central Kitchen, gives individuals valuable kitchen skills and job skills for successful long-term employment. For more information and to enroll in this program, visit DC Central Kitchen’s enrollment page.

Clothing & Food Services
~ The Family Ministry Center (FMC) is a “center where people struggling with insufficient food and clothing can find help.”
~They offer a food bag assembly and distribution area and a free “shop” of clothing and housewares
~ For more information, download the Family Ministry Center brochure in English or Spanish.
~ They also serve 3 meals per day to homeless guests who walk in the door.

Case management
~ “The Mission provides a variety of social services to low-income families to improve their well-being. Some of these services include providing English language instruction, GED preparation, health consultations, vocational support and more. For more on their social work, contact their Social Work department.”

Emergency Shelter Location: 65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20001
(202) 745-7118

Family Ministry Center (FMC): 3194 Bladensburg Rd NE b, Washington, DC 20018
202-745-7118 ext. 500

Lambert House: 1733 T St SE Washington, DC 20020

[email protected]

Hours: 7:30 am — 10:00 pm,  Monday through Sunday

Last Updated: 07.31.19