~They provide 3 well-balanced meals as well as snacks
~They also prepare special meals and snacks for patients with diabetes, hypertension, failing kidneys, wired jaws or other dietary needs.

~Christ House patients have the opportunity to do a variety of fun activities, including “art and poetry workshops, exercise sessions, games, movies, volunteer work assignments, as well as excursions to parks, museums, sporting and cultural events.”

Medical Care
~They provide 24 Hour Medical Care
~They evaluate and treat patients, perform tests, change dressings, manage medications and provide immunizations and pre and post operative care.
~They treat a number of ailments, including bone fractures, cancer, lung diseases, foot and leg ulcerations, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, liver disease, kidney failure, burns and frostbite.
~ The staff also makes special arrangements for hospitalization, follow-up care, and visits to medical specialists such as cardiologists, oncologists, and physical therapists.
~ Christ House also provides referral and transportation services for all patients.

Case Management
~ “Case Managers meet at least once a week with each patient, then formulate care plans during the weekly interdisciplinary team meetings. Additionally, Case Management provides referrals to outside community resources such as intensive in-patient recovery programs, mental health services, transitional living programs, nursing homes and vocational training programs.”
~ “The Case Management team also provides emotional support, facilitates a weekly HIV/AIDS education class, and offers support for family reunification. Case Managers at Christ House work to obtain entitlements, benefits, and legal documents such as birth certificates and Identification Cards.”

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
~ “Patients at Christ House struggling with substance abuse are given the opportunity to participate in our New Day Treatment Program. This 12-week, intensive, in-house recovery program was initiated in 2000 and is led by our Certified Addictions Counselor.”
~Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held four times a week at Christ House and are open to the community.

1717 Columbia Road Northwest, Washington, DC, 20009

Hours: 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Last updated: 08.08.19