A photo of a green python snake.
Image by miniformat65 from Pixabay

I can’t trust my friend ‘cause he’s a snake
I can’t trust my friends ‘cause they fake
My baby mamma, she like my friends
They fake, they fake, they fake

They pretend, they cheat, they steal, and they lie
I wanna live but they want me to die
I had a baby by a devil with horns
I met the devil when my baby was born

I saw the signs like 666 times 
But I face a demon with the evilest mind
I met the devil, Lucifer, Satan
They tried to kill me with fire, I’m blazing

They took me through hell but I never came back
They say the devil is better than crack 
Saw the devil take over my life 
I saw the devil make love to my wife

I saw the devil watch his wife kill her brother 
Then he killed his own mother after he told her loved her
D*** this devil is a monster, a beast
He took over my dreams, tried to kill me in my sleep 

Woke me up and tried to kill me again 
Then the devil screamed and told me “I am your friend!”
D*** this devil is toxic, envious, jealous
Tried to mirror me but was just too evil for justice

This devil’s energy is always chasing me
They got flying monkeys that think about erasing me
You are a narcissist, the devil 
Even the tree of life couldn’t help you.