Color photo of two older women sitting at a table, on in a white coat and the other wearing a blue blouse and matching blue hat
Courtesy Robert Warren

That phenomenal woman, my mother 

The great-great-grandmother she be 

Something my mother said to me about life: 

“Who has time for dying when there is yet living to do? 

And still is the water, just a raindrop in the sea 

For we all shall taste death, and then there’s life anew” 

Have you ever seen a newborn baby smile? 

The look of satisfaction in that old lady’s eyes 

And when I hear my mother’s laugh, 

The world’s alright with me 

Maybe, one day, I will know my grandma 

When the angels come for me 

Or when the trumpet is blown  

And even the sea full of raindrops  

Shall give up its dead 

That old Mother Earth 

Wrinkled and nearly blind 

When that day comes 

Souls and spirits will be purified 

So says the Lord 

My mother taught me to believe  

In the better part of my heart 

I have two pictures of my grandma in my mind 

I think about my Father’s mother  

And how maybe she saw me smile 

Remembering that ancient Black woman,  

The Queen of the Nile 

I can see you in my mother’s eyes 

A month, a day, a year 

To remember every second of this life  

That I, the son, the man, the father 

Love you