people march in support of gun restrictions
Protestors march in mourning after the Parkland shooting, demanding gun restrictions (Wikimedia Commons)

Dayton, El Paso – gun shot away 

I thought of the synagogue in Pittsburgh today,  

as I wipe the tears away. 

The same story told in a different way.  

One need only ask, “What was his racist tweet of the day? 

Has anybody thought of those six children who died while locked away? 

And what would Christ Say? 


Bring the children forward,  

that we might keep them safe! 

For who will I replace?  

I was born in this space.  

An invasion of Americans, 

coming this way. 

North, Central, South America: humanity’s place.  

His words have stained our Earth.  

America has always been great, 

for the freedom seekers to tell their stories.  

True to look them in the face. 


The face of a nation,  

once again we wiped the tears away.  

I remember Christ Church in New Zealand,  

and Obama’s tears at Mother Emanuel Church 

He wiped away tears that day.  


How does white supremacy work? 

Like it always has.  

And always has been, then again.  

I wipe the tears away, 

 and I think about the NRA, 

and the young people of Parkland, 

and what would they say?  


And I listened and wiped the tears away, again.  

Do something. Don’t just wipe the tears away.