Jaime Fearer / Wikimedia Commons

I say I love it
…whatever it is.

This season of breakups and letdowns,
people running all around with that fever. 
Cabin living is not all it is, 
cracked up to be.  

And for the kids who love winter’s snow: 
Let them play for a while.  
See how they smile 
when the sun shines off the fresh snow.   
But us old folks know  
it ain’t just snow falling. 
It’s the cold that kills  
and leaves you  
for that old guy  
down the street.  
The one who is  
always there 
hell or high water, 
whatever that means.  

Old Man Winter   
has already taken  
most of his friends.  
But still he guards 
The Block, 
the best  
Secret Agent 
I ever knew.  

How he has survived 
only the Lord knows 
maybe the kids 
he has snowball fights with.  

He always seems  
to let them win.  
Could it be the hot tea 
we give to them  
for him 
as he holds down 
The Post?  

Maybe it’s  
the old Marvin Gaye  
he plays  
on his boombox 
that warm his soul. 
Anyone’s guess  
where he gets 
the power from. 

He’s so proud  
as people walk by 
and wonder 
if he has a home 
in so many people’s hearts.  

I say I love it — 
whatever it is — 
the winter snow. 
And I pray  
for those 
left out in the cold. 

The winter’s cold.  
So many souls 
lost in it.  
Yet children play 
in its snow.  

I say,  
I love it! 
Whatever it is. 
Winter’s Cold.