where it leads i do not know

where the path takes me i must follow

i belong to him and him alone

the one who has loved us from the beginning of time

his wonders are discovered in his time

whatever he asks i will do

just to prove to everyone the truth

i know that the purpose and mission is just

it the the same challenge given to all of us

how to perceive is in our mind’s eye

how much longer to we have to deal with strife

i guess the price of our society will be grand

for all evil has been forever given into his hand

you can’t fathom or understand

what he calls upright or not

that is for him to decide who will he call

those he anoints will never fall

even in sorrow and darkness he is there

always watching giving the tools to prepare

the battle belongs to him and we are all his troops

the mandate and rule is to love

but down this winding road how far does love go

along the winding road is it noticed at all?

the winding road is it too difficult a path?

these are questions we must ask…

where do we go along wild journeys

it’s down a winding road that we never know which way it is turning