Obama White House Archives

It was nothing short of awe-inspiring to watch President Obama’s rise from humble beginnings as a community organizer to the most prestigious job in the world, the U.S. President.

For generations, preacher politicians have peddled the mirage of the American dream. They warn it’s not government’s job to help anyone succeed. Pray, work hard and study, they say, and you too will become successful.

Sometimes I turn on the Conservative channels to hear right wing pundits blather about God and free markets. Fox News loves to show the narrative of some single white mom who gave up her food stamps, found God, discovered capitalism and became CEO of some multimillion-dollar corporation. But I have yet to see them feature the greatest rags-to-riches story in American history: the man sitting in the White House.

I sometimes wonder why a Christian man like our current president is not celebrated by Fox News. Doesn’t he embody the American Dream? Instead, Fox and the rest of the right-wing media devote every day to bashing and hating the president.

The conservatives claim the president is too liberal; he is a radical and a socialist. However, I like to use the words of one presidential candidate who said in his campaign “let’s cut through the pious baloney.” I think the real reason conservatives dislike Obama is because of his race.

I am not spouting conspiracy rabble; I am putting it out there that some will never get over the fact we have a black president. The Republicans are not just saber-rattling; they are determined to make this a one-time experiment.

This strategy was concocted long before Obama was elected. However, since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, K Street and Wall Street have decided to go nuclear

Their methods are crude but powerful. Facts don’t matter as long as you have cash and access to the media. Do not worry about being called out on your lies. Just double down and keep them coming. If you keep punching, you might land a blow. That is why the Donald Trumps and the Rush Limbaughs use the same tactics, accusing the president of being a foreigner, linking him to Jeremiah Wright. It doesn’t matter that the accusations are false. The goal is to create enough confusion and anger among a few white voters so the Republicans get the votes they need.

Behind all this fanning of the flames of racial stereotypes, the conservatives are worried about losing control. They understand the country has grown darker and will eventually go to the Democrats. With that in mind, they are busy working on the passage of voter ID and right-to-work laws, as well as and cultural laws like the ban on gay marriage.

They realize if they can still anger enough uneducated white voters into voting against their interests, they can pass the draconian legislation they need to stay in control.

So expect conservative TV and radio shows to keep covering anything that will divert the attention of the American electorate. The Republicans want your vote by any means necessary.