Photo of questions marks laying on the ground. Some are lit up, most are not.
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Why are you here? Is it to help the people or is it
to help yourself?

Why are you here? Is it to make money or is it
to transfer wealth?

Why are you here? Is it to help the homeless or
do you just seek blessings from help?

The answer for each question gives a description
of what type of person you may be,

But those who can’t answer must be set free.

The laws I live by are meant to help those that
are willing to help themselves.

My reason for my actions is to repay the world
for all of its help.

If this may seem confusing, now is the time to
ask for help.

I pour my feelings into all of my work and my
answer to all questions is that I’m here because
I’m supposed to be.