Photo of a television set that is turned off.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It wasn’t long ago that op-eds were to be taken as opinions. Today, if you disagree with consensus thinking, you are met with resistance by social justice warriors disguised as fact-checkers. 

According to these new guardians of the truth, you can’t opine on any topic unless they are corroborated by trusted sources, such as CNN and MSNBC. Fact-checking has become so ridiculous that everything has become serious, and nothing is funny, insightful, or interesting. 

Despite all this fact-checking, who fact-checks fact-checkers? Why is Fox News, or Newsmax not a credible source, while the New York Times and Washington Post are considered credible sources? The Post and the Times have had to retract stories or have been sued over alleged false or defamatory claims. Recently, both media outlets have had to correct a misleading story regarding former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani; they reported that the FBI had briefed Giuliani that he was being targeted by Russian spies. Alan Dershowitz is suing CNN for $300 million because he claims the network unfairly characterized and edited a statement he made while representing Donald Trump at the Senate impeachment trial in 2020.

I wish that a fact-checker showed how many times conservative publications had to retract or pay defamation lawsuits. Can someone explain how left-wing sources are truthful, while conservative outlets spread lies or conspiracies? Fact check this: CNN lost nearly 50% of its primetime viewers between Nov. 4 2020 and Jan. 21 2021. 

As a writer for Street Sense Media, I urge us not to be cheerleaders for the Biden administration or risk alienating a wider audience that may be interested in donating but are turned off by the divisiveness and partisanship. The Opinion page has become an uninteresting and unreadable platform for Pro-Biden fluff pieces. 

Writing shouldn’t be about cheerleading or protecting narratives. But saying things that make people uncomfortable. If someone is passionate about issues such as transgender intersectionality, then there shouldn’t be silence but the ability to write about it and withstand criticism. All perspectives should be represented, especially the views of working-class people. 

Political correctness makes people walk on eggshells, and I think fact checkers spend more time worrying about being PC than confirming whether or not something is true.

Fact-checking is code for burying a story that counters the establishment’s narrative. When censored, consider it an honor. If what you say is crazy, there should be no need to silence you. They censor people who the establishment fear because you’re not going along and calling the corporate-controlled bullies out. The reason people listen to Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones is because nobody wants to hear President Joe Biden while gas prices are increasing, borders are not being secured properly, the Middle East is in turmoil, and our nation hasn’t been this divided since the civil war.

Biden ran on restoring America’s soul. He vowed to get Democrats and Republicans together but since elected everything he’s done antagonizes Conservatives and even those that — honk honk — have given him over 80 million votes. In the end, if I feel Biden isn’t transparent, I don’t need media reports on how fit Biden may be. If I believe I need an umbrella because it’s raining, I don’t need Rachel Maddow telling me I’m not getting wet. 

Those that claim Biden won fair and square believe it is final. With the census, strict voter ID laws, and forensic audits, no amount of fluff, cheerleading, and silencing will stop the determination to understand the 2020 election. Stay tuned because those not buying what these fact-checkers sell will be a thorn in the side of the left for this century and the next.

Jeffery McNeil is an artist and vendor for Street Sense Media.