Golden Retriever on a beach.
Yoshi Huang/Flickr

I was born in Salisbury, North Carolina. I had lots of family there, both on my mother’s and father’s side. 

My mother’s family left when I was very young, except for some who lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. My father’s mother was a good cook. I remember food that I still enjoy, like blackberry cobbler. She taught me some things, like how to make cobblers. She also taught me how to can food. 

My parents and I moved to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. for about a year. Later, along with my baby sister, we lived in South Carolina. After many years there, we left. 

I later went to college, got married, and worked here in Washington, D.C. Eventually, we divorced, and I left here and much later, moved where my parents, sister and her husband lived. After my mother died, who I was helping, I left.  

Then I got a job calling people and doing surveys about movies. I didn’t make enough money to maintain myself and eventually became homeless. 

After a lot of time, I returned here and later began teaching adults, until I broke my ankle. 

A man sold me a Street Sense newspaper and later told me how to go about selling the paper. I became a vendor. The job helped me. I could pay my bills. 

I am older now. What do I want for my future? A small apartment and a dog. Being not very far from a beach would be pleasant, I think. I’d want to be near some family and go to a church where I could meet more people. 

At my age, I have no pretenses of a very different life, like a much younger person might dream of.