I think I lost a few friends this election. I can’t be around people that are tribal and partisan. I think objectively and try to get both sides of the story before I come to a conclusion. Although many liberals support me, many are naive and don’t have a clue about the human condition. They live in a bubble and are unsophisticated about the ways of the street. They’re a sucker for the misfit and the underdog, but sometimes the underdog has rabies.

These liberals’ affinity for the dispossessed doesn’t come from love or compassion. They believe people of color are noble savages that can be reformed, molded and manipulated by their distorted worldview. In their zest to make society conform to their own narcissism, they should not be called Progressives but Regressives.

Our nation is morally and culturally sick and we are in a fight for its soul. As with the British, people no longer want Regressives telling us how we should live our lives. It’s the condescending attitudes and behaviors of Regressives that steered people toward Donald Trump. Our elected officials in both parties need to get their heads out of their asses or Donald Trump may win every state in the union. These people have no clue what globalization —and its offspring, multiculturalism—has done to America. They need to visit Appalachia, Baltimore and Chicago. Quit being arrogant and start doing something!!!

Regressives are stoking the fires of hate. They think they can keep provoking people, believing laws will save them. That’s the same smugness and arrogance that led to the British exiting the European Union. When people are starving, jobless and unemployed, there are not enough armies to stop them from coming into your communities and burning everything to the ground. People are beyond hating Regressives. They are radicalized and ready for someone that says “Enough!!!”

I have faith Donald Trump will do the right thing and look out for the interest of all Americans. He won’t sign disastrous trade deals that would leave workers devastated. He will protect the homeland by only letting in immigrants who share our values. I have no problems with foreigners coming into this country, but they should not remain foreign in America. We are a nation of immigrants, however, we are also a nation of laws that you should only enter legally. Trump also will respect the Constitution and uphold the Second Amendment, which protects us from those that want to harm us.

Hillary is offering more of Obama. I’ll take my chances with Trump. I’m voting for him because I’m tired of people assuming that because I’m Black, the only issue I should be concerned about is racism. African Americans need to know the truth: Regressives aren’t your friends. They believe African Americans are noble savages that can be reformed by white saviors. Liberals have destroyed race relations in America.

I’m proud to be an American, not an African American. I was born in this country and I don’t know a damn thing about Africa. Who decided I’m African? Identity politics is dividing this country and creating racial tensions far worse than Jim Crow. If others want to consider themselves African, there are plenty of boats leaving for Africa.

If others want to criticize my support for Trump, go ahead: throw your tantrum, hold your breath, unfriend me. I don’t care. I’m going to try something different and vote for Donald Trump. I want something better than food stamps, public housing and a minimum wage job. Trump is real, he tells it like it is — unlike patronizing, guilty white liberals that condescendingly assume you are not intelligent enough to make decisions for yourself. African Americans, it’s time to go back to the party of Abe Lincoln.

Jeffery McNeil is a regular contributor to Street Sense.