Photo of police and national guardsmen
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Burgess.

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The police are trained to use ruthless, no-option, zero-tolerance, brutal-restraint force to achieve their goals. There are no pre-existing requirements or conditions just, the on-the-scene, individual law enforcers’ legal, non-God-given will.  

They are trained to do this via the legislated local and state appeals processes as well as  the Supreme Court of the United States’ decisions to justify the law of order. They are subsequently historically ordained, strategically systemic, court decisions, biased by “Eaglese” — the founding fathers’ legacy of Anglo-European superiority; laid on the wings of eagles. That’s a hard and ugly thought to voice, given that 350 million people live in America and stay alive, albeit subconsciously, and try daily to survive another day. The United States Constitution was written and enacted with the lure of hope for equality, the attainment of human freedom, and the opportunity to secure wealth as envisioned by the American dream.

The founding fathers always thought they would be a small elite group, because only they were educated. And so their children would be educated. And privileged. That’s why public education had to be legislated, and eventually state universities along with land grant universities and historically black colleges under the same legislation.

This is a point that Brookings Institution fellow Andre Perry makes in his new book, “Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives in America’s Black Cities.” Perry speaks the truth when he says we have to change the order of law and the courts. This purposeful denigration, depravity and selective criminalization rooted from slavery to this construct we call race needs to correct itself by the mandate of our human authority. Please be encouraged to view the Brookings interview and panel discussion, recorded on May 19. It is powerful and speaks a truth of why the change, the reform, and the effort has to be now.

How many more Black men will die from the unrest in peace? Let’s stand and move together to fix it, reform it, enact it and allow for a sincere and honest R.I.P. for Floyd George and all the unfortunate previous, present, and unacceptable victims to come.