My little kitty

who is now a full grown cat

I raised her up as a kitten

last year around April 2012


She had kittens herself March 5t on Tuesday.  Around 6 a.m.

She gave birth to three kittens

She was so happy about, she showed me her babies. I said, how nice.

She had had a hard delivery when she gave birth to her kittens.

Due to sadness on Wednesday morning she lost all three babies, she was very upset and emotionally crying. She showed me her baby by carrying her by the mouth she or he was dead.  I cried and cried. She went in circles around her babies.

I calmed her down her down it will be OK.

The cause of death was unknown.

Maybe they were born sick, my heart goes out to Whiskas, one day she’ll have more kittens and won’t lose them. She strong now and a little happy. Thanks for my cheering her up.