A display of greeting cards
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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t’s been seven months since I’ve been housed and I’m just all sorts of thankful for that! It seems it was long overdue. But then I think of the fallen street soldiers such as Charles Davis, may he rest in peace. Charles spent over 28 years on the street before finally being housed. My stretch was just under eight years straight. 

I survived my torment. “The Shawshank Redemption” comes to mind a bit even though it wasn’t a prison sentence. I survived and surpassed to arrive at my landing pad of a home and no, I’m not having any suicidal thoughts.  

Homelessness IS survivable. I am a testament to that.  

Years ago, when we were on the brink of economic depression, I recall reading about a man who had killed his beautiful family because he feared they would live in poverty. I empathize with the fear, but those feelings are part of life and you must keep on living to get to the other side. God rest their souls. 

Having a place is an adjustment, but one I’ve been yearning for so I could get back to work with my talents. Some stability finally! But I know it’s still a long and tedious process. I’ve made it here and am looking to advance. Rent paid is the bottom line. I’m in good standing and striving on to better things! 

While the coronavirus is keeping us from working to sell the paper, you can support some Street Sense Media artists like me who also produce greeting cards with Second Story Cards, which can be ordered online. Exchanging pleasantries is always a telling sign of the gentle human warmth. Greeting cards are another, especially while we are all asked to stay apart.