A photo of a calendar
Dafne Cholet/Flickr

I will be:

1) In a subsidized apartment in Montgomery County.

2) Financially independent.

3) Married and running my own business.

4) A real estate investor flipping houses.

5) A person with good credit.

6) Cooking and dropping off hot meals to the homeless from my catering service.

~ Clarence P. Williams, Vendor

Help the homeless get housing. Now we have a plan to ask our people on the street to band together with their systems in an effort to get city members off the streets and into housing. We want to help all concerned and raise consciousness about the weather becoming cold and the danger of freezing to death when you live on the streets.

To help homeless people get housing and find them decent places to live, we need money. What is money? Money is made at the United States Mint. Congress has it. Politicians have it. A whole lot of people have it. Why not use some to build affordable houses for the homeless?

~ Patty Smith, Vendor


For starters, I hope by the grace of the Lord I am still living.

I should have completed my whole life transformation into a sober, drug-free existence. No more looking over my shoulder. Fewer of our kind–people of African descent—are killing off one another. Fewer tears and more smiles. My city will be full of love and care for one another. Better education, better jobs, MORE jobs, and better job training. Affordable housing. More Black-owned businesses.

By now I should be living in my own home built from the ground up and reunited with my four children, who will be grown. That will leave me to raise my grandchildren, making up for lost time with my children. Worry-free, alive and well. Happy. Satisfied. Teaching the true value of life: the way of the good Lord, which is the only truth to living.

Ibn Hipps, Vendor

My daughter with a high school diploma in one hand and a full scholarship to Spelman College (in Atlanta) in the other. Her brother standing behind her in his cap and gown, a graduate of the college of his choice. My foundation for disadvantaged youth celebrating its second year anniversary, as my wife (TBA) and I plan the grand opening of another Brims Boutique!

~ Ken Martin, Vendor