In a sketched illustration, two people stand witht heir hands above their head towards the sky.
Illustration by Dwight Harris.

Where are we today?
Where are we as a country? Are we better off now?
Or is it better to go back to the past?

In my community you’re lucky to last past 15 years old.
With all the envy, the things, the dreams,
wanting that house on the hill,
seeing and hearing people getting killed
by automatics, planes, and bad habits.

Where are we?
I think it’s a good question,
So I’mma ask it. Unmask it. Unpack it.
Where are we?

Tell me before the next young R Kelly
get shot for having fly shoes and fine girlfriend.
Where are we?

I’mma ask again:
Where are we?

We aren’t there yet,
where we see the human.
Where are we? Don’t want to lose sight.
Where are we? The richest of the poor?
So we don’t matter anymore?

Where are we?
Is this really a place we haven’t been?
Or are we stuck in one place?
Cities full of climate change, pride and poverty.
Why can’t you answer me?

Honestly, tell me:
Where are we?

Reginald Black is an artist, vendor, and reporter for Street Sense.