A photo of the White House
Frank Camp/Flickr

When President Barack Obama was elected, many thought this was a dawn of the new beginning where racial tensions would heal. Today it feels as if we are on the brink of a race war.

The dream has turned into a nightmare. Reality and facts are bitter medicine for some African-Americans. However, truth is we have gotten a bad bill of goods with Obama. African-Americans put him first. However, he put us behind abortion activists, radical terrorists and illegal immigrants.

When I see Black Lives Matter activists, I become despondent. They are not the best the black race has to offer. They are not activists. They try to bully and intimidate people into supporting their crazy ideas. These people are not victims, but thugs looking for confrontation. They need to be treated accordingly. They say Donald Trump is a racist. However, I’ve never heard him say, destroy your life by selling dope or do drive-bys that kill each other. Are there some bad cops? Absolutely. But the majority of African-Americans getting locked up play a part in their demise.

It’s pitiful to watch African-Americans raise hell and protest Trump instead of channeling the real source of their frustration: that the Democratic Party threw a shiny lure, a half-black president who promised hope and change, but all they got was free cell phones and eyeglass checkups.

Since being elected, he’s not been pushing an agenda that’s in the interest of black America but has pandered and used his executive power that repulses, alienates and puts African-Americans in direct conflict with special interests of the left such as amnesty for illegal immigrants. African-Americans have rights. We were denied citizenship, illegal immigrants violated our laws and if they want citizenship, they should come here the right way: legally.

Although there is a white silent majority, many blacks will support Donald Trump. We are also tired of politicians who keep promising us free lunches, only to have our our communities wind up more run-down and decrepit. African- Americans are no different than whites. We want better schools, safe neighborhoods and employment opportunities. However, Democrats offer us legalized marijuana, abortion on demand and gender-neutral bathrooms.

When I voted for Obama I didn’t sign up for this. I thought he was going to be in the same mold as Bill Clinton, someone that would stand up to the lunatic fringe of the left and fix what was broken. Not only did he not stand up for the working people, he fostered and encouraged this insanity.

I don’t blame the kids but these backdoor socialists like Obama and Bernie Sanders. They have a plan and these kids are being used for that plan. It’s not activism – they are provoking racial tensions that could escalate into something ugly.

It’s no longer Republican or Democrat. Hillary Clinton has promised to continue Obama’s horrible legacy. I don’t care for Trump personally, but I believe he is the only one who will wreck the continued plans of social engineers who want to undermine morality, destroy families and steamroll traditional institutions that hold society together.