A photo of the sky with the sun shining through the clouds
Photo from Creative Commons

When hell first reached out to me 

I didn’t understand why 

But when questioned 

Caused the flames to reach high 

Causing pain  

That only screams can explain 

Crying tears that never dry 

Heart rate rises and never drops 


Hell has many places 

Lots of friends 

With familiar faces   

Different races 


When hell first reached out to me 

At a young age 

Pretending to be innocent  

With lots of fun games 

I was warned 

Father told me  

“Take heed,  

Hell awaits some like me” 


Flames scorn my soul 

I am used to pain  

But this type of pain comes  

With a tight grip and firm hold 


Hearing Hell’s victims’  

Scream the weirdest names 

Skeleton bones battle  

Over souls of shame 

The Lord I call by name 

If I could turn back  

The hands of time 

I would recognize these flames 


When Hell first reached out to me 

I didn’t know  

But my addiction for pain  

Caused me to reach for more 


Lord forgive me 

For all the pain I caused 

The heat I can’t describe 

No cool — no frost!!!