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I’m still trying to make sense of all the protests and demonstrations going on around the country.

As with many Americans, I was horrified seeing a police officer put his knee on the neck of a man after he told officers, “I can’t breathe.” 

I think everyone across the political spectrum believes that “dirty cops” should be identified and removed from ever holding a badge. And if they commit felonies — such as murder or aiding and abetting murder, in the case of George Floyd — they should be put in jail. 

What astonishes me is how many people seem to keep going to the well of liberalism when it comes to police brutality. 

Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, and Minneapolis all have one recurring theme: they are run by Democratic politicians. 

Places like Baltimore and Minneapolis haven’t voted for a Republican mayor in nearly a half-century. How, then, are Donald Trump, Republicans to blame when Democrats control law enforcement top to bottom? 

I’m upset about the killing of George Floyd. But I’m more upset at the people who seem comfortable continually voting in Marxists that do nothing but maintain their misery. When Black residents give 96% of their votes to one party, they should have better representation that reflects their community. Doubling down on more Black politicians and one-party rule has not quelled crime or poverty.

These mayors have thrown their own employees, law enforcement, “under the bus” to score points with protestors and avoid blame themselves. I’m not in favor of defunding police departments, because I don’t think law enforcement is inherently racist. When I walk through our city, the nation’s capital, I see many of the police officers are African Americans (52% according to MPD’s last annual report). And as an African American, I have never had a problem with the police. 

George Floyd’s murder exposed the corruption of one police force. Unless we change the politicians, I see nothing improving for the Black community.

I’m not saying vote Trump. But try something different than voting for a party that has failed you for generations.

Jeffery McNeil is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.