Personally “spoilers” don’t bother me at all. Folks can tell me the entire movie, and it won’t change the fact of whether I want to watch the movie or not. As a matter of fact, sometimes talking about a movie is what will make me want to watch it.

For instance, I haven’t had much time for movies lately, but after seeing the trailer for Dark Tower, I really wanted to watch it. So I recently bought that and a Marlon Wayans comedy from a friend of mine. He basically told me the whole Dark Tower story when I bought it, but that just made me want to see it even more.

You see, in many cases, people are naturally nosy. So in all honesty, telling folks about a movie actually builds their curiosity (nosiness) to want to see it even more. That’s called human nature. For instance, everyone I know on Facebook can’t stop talking about a leak, containing spoilers, for Power season 4. It creates buzz. And networks like Starz, HBO, etc. rely on it. Heck, sometimes it seems like they’re the ones that leak some of this stuff.