A mural with numerous images, most prominently a couple dancing in Meridian Hill Park
The Columbia Heights Community Mural. Photo courtesy of user theartaroundus / flickr

Hard time in America – what’s a guy to do? Sell Street Sense – although that’s not always so easy to do with the way things are right now, when people have to watch every dime they spend. Dollars are hard to part with for a newspaper, but when you think about how you are helping people who are doing just as bad as you, that’s when the LORD blesses you even more. So you be a blessing and you receive a blessing.  

And that’s what Street Sense is all about – understanding people and what they are going through, and helping them not have to beg for a dollar or two to get by. It’s about making them feel that they have some self-worth. That is so important to people who are going through hard times and that’s what Street Sense is all about for me. Without Street Sense, I’m not one to beg or panhandle my way through life, but I have come to trust in the Lord and know He will make a way.  

Robert Warren is a vendor who is active in the Writer’s Group. He also advocates for the homeless as a member of the People for Fairness Coalition.