Kris/ Flickr

Things I don’t like–
I never think much,
about things I don’t like

Like poverty babies,
needing somewhere safe to sleep,
people having to live on the street

Like a man who holds rude conversations,
while one is trying to eat

People who talk about things,
but never take time to read,
like wars to feed man’s greed

Women who walk around dressed like they are with their man,
in their honeymoon suite
People who waste food,
hungry people or birds can eat

“Like” is a big word with me

I don’t like people thinking they know more
than the Lord himself and me

I don’t like people who look down on those of different colors,
of little wealth, that may have some needs

The truth is I don’t like not liking things
and people who do things that I may not like them for

I do like one thing it’s true
The Lord and me,
Okay, that’s two