Patty Smith. Photo by Street Sense Media.

When I started going to my local library, the Watha T. Daniel Interim Library, just next door to where I live, I went to do my classroom lessons on their computer. I have since found so many other useful reasons to visit. The staff and clientele are very friendly. We have become a small gathering place. I sometimes watch DVDs on the computer and also go to the reference section. The members of the staff have been invaluable. My favorite is Eric – he actually lets me look on his computer and shows me how to research different categories of what I might need.  

The Watha T. Daniel Interim Library has been a good place for people with babies. The little ones enjoy playtime and singing songs. And if that isn’t precious, I don’t know what is.  

As this library closes and makes room for our new Watha T. Daniel Library just down the block, I hope we can find that same kind of enjoyment.