Illustration of a man looking onto the world / Flickr

I was raised by my mother and family members. I didn’t grow up with a father and my role model of a man has always been my uncle who died this year. Everyone has their own idea of the true definition of a man.  

Most men say they’re real men because of what’s between their legs. Being a male and a man are two different things. From listening to woman and seeing the things other males do, I have seen the difference between a man and a boy.  

The first thing is to always know that no one is perfect and we all have to live with our actions — good or bad. Men accept this; boys deny and lie to try to cover things up. Men accept the truth, and boys create drama and lies. Men don’t lie and cheat, though they do make mistakes at times. Boys create a separate life that no one knows about and lie once they get caught. Men create happiness and build in life, while boys fun it up with no goals or future. Some have their lives and financial situations straight but still lack true love and honesty.  

As a man my goal is to build in life and create an endless legacy. As a man, I give women the respect they deserve. As a man, I shall be successful in life. As a man, I shall conquer all obstacles in life. As a man, I learn from my mistakes and never make the same mistake twice!!!