Kelsi Barr/Flickr

what is truth in all that we seek?

is it found in the people we meet?

is it found in nature

all glorious and glam?

what is truth and what does it mean to your fellow man?

where does it live in our hearts or our world?

is truth something that we will never know?

or is it something we ought to know?

is it there for us to be free, what is truth?

the whole world is asking, what is the truth?

someone tells us plain, we can’t predict the future,

we totally need some help, why do we call on no one,

what is truth?

one is we are all children, another is that we have to

answer to someone greater than us.

his passion and decrees should never be taken light

his words and visions required extensive study,

he is the the one who has the highest value

not our useless paper money, his reward all that is good shall receive

i hope everyone will someday understand or grasp the love that comes

from a higher hand so just be glad you have your next breath

because life is a huge test,

and we all want the answer to one question:

what is truth?