Photo of a radio station mic and an on air sign
Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash

It all started with the aspiration 2 fulfill a middle school childhood dream 2 become an on-air personality like the ones I heard growing up! So I started out at South Carolina State University in pursuit of a radio broadcasting career. There, I became Big City Joe on the radio, WSSB FM. Meanwhile, whenever I returned home 2 the D.C. area, I got a job & actively pushed my poetry 2 college publications, stimulating that audience & creating buzz. 

My main interest was in radio broadcasting, but I continually found myself on the newspaper staff of every school I’ve attended. So, they each got & helped me bolster my poetry audience & career! The Collegian at S.C.S.U. & The Trilogy at the University of the District of Columbia. I became the Poetry Editor at UDC. Then, there was The Owl at Prince George’s Community College. I also was published in its literary magazines, The Mind and Reflections.

So, it’s no wonder & stands as no surprise  I would make it onto the Street Sense Newspaper squad & have a hand in helping them achieve a new status as a media company! Now, broadening their output & dynamics in how they present the street & homeless news? Brilliant!