A cartoon of a mountain in front of a lake.
Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.

For everyone who supported me, I would like to thank you. In 2015 an attempt was made on my life to the point I only survived through the mercy of God himself. Since then I am four years clean and forever will be.  

Change has been made, even my people, places and things have become a part of those changes. I’ve been from one temp agency to another, job hunting and signed many online applications, and had 5 interviews. 

I’ve been staying at a shelter where you have to have a job to keep a bed. Other than selling this newspapers, application after application and job fair after job fair has not helped me find a permanent job. I’ve lived there since May of 2019 and was allowed to move in providing that I get a permanent job within 90 days. So, despite the efforts I just described, my case manager tells me that my time is up. 

Thank you all and have a blessed day.  

An illustration of a man in a beanie rock climbing