Image of a banner with the words "Climate Change is a Moral Issue."
Susan Melkisethian/Flickr

I hope that Pope Francis’ first visit to Washington D.C. can energize our government and each of us to take full responsibility for our planet’s well being.

“Climate Change is partly caused by natural phenomena but largely it’s due to mankind’s activities,” Pope Francis said in his June 18 Laudato Si this year.

Denying this fact isn’t going to mitigate the effects of climate change. But if we learn now how to address and respond to these challenges from a compassionate perspective, we can reduce or prevent other environmental concerns in the future.

“Mankind is not separate from nature, therefore all our actions have an impact on it as a whole,” Pope Francis went on.

Our hunger for development without comprehensive knowledge of our actions’ effects has led us here.

“Humanity needs to replace fossil fuels,” Pope Francis said.

We all know that we can do more every day by recycling, cutting off electricity when we’re not home or in a room, walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation, buying items that do not need packing as well as reducing and reusing everything.

The Pope and I agree that “Human Beings can rise to the challenge.”

All of humanity might face homelessness if we don’t take care of our planet. The conditions are very simple: every human being must make healthier environmental choices if we are to sustain our lives on this delicate, gorgeous, life-giving planet called Earth. Our blueprints for revitalization must start from here.

Thank you Pope Francis for your bold efforts in fighting for our planet

There will be a rally to demand action on climate change on the National Mall Thursday September 24 during the time that Pope Francis will make a public appearance on the West Front of the Capitol. Learn more at