A photo of a democratic arm band.
Kira Shaner/Flickr

Black folks are in an abusive relationship with African-American leadership and the Democratic party. No matter what city you visit, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit or Washington D.C., you will see high concentrations of black poverty. These cities are run by corrupt Democratic machines. When you think of black-on-black crime, you think of one black man attacking another. However, the real crimes being committed toward African-Americans are not happening in the hood but in state capitols and city halls across this country, where you have African-American leaders betraying us and serving us up to the liberal white progressives who undermine our interests and sell us out.

Although African-Americans keep talking about injustice and oppression, they fail to see who the real oppressors are. We are at at a critical moment. We are in a fight for our souls. Are we going to continue to let liberals continue to belittle, patronize and take our concerns for granted? Or are we going to say to the Democratic Party, this time is different, and control our own destiny?

There are some African-Americans not pleased but embarrassed by the hypnotic grasp the Democratic Party has over African-Americans. It seems Black Lives Don’t Matter, but being Black and playing the victim is what matters. It’s pathetic to watch African-Americans raise hell and protest presidential candidates that don’t have the power to address our concerns, but not protest a president who should be sympathetic to black needs.

I know some don’t want to hear it, but it needs to be told. You have been had. We got a bad bill of goods with President Barack Obama. He ran on hope and change but the only thing that changed was his attitude toward the people that elected him. He ran as an outsider but became an insider. He no longer talks us up, but became another elitist snob who believes he is smarter than the unwashed masses who don’t agree with him.

Since elected he hasn’t pushed an agenda that’s in the interest of Black America but instead has pandered and used his executive power to put African-Americans in direct conflict with the special interests of the left. He gives amnesty to illegal immigrants and goes around the globe, implying climate change is responsible for terrorism, while the black man in America continues to get shot, handcuffed and marginalized from the American mainstream. The Black Caucus, NAACP and Urban League all are useless. They’re more concerned about access to the White

House than demanding Obama provide relief to many African-Americans who have been hurt by his policies.

I used to think Republicans were racist, but they are saving Americans from themselves. The liberals have never met a dollar they didn’t want to spend, and if Hillary gets elected, the capitalist system that has lifted many out of poverty will no longer exist.

Although there is a white silent majority, there are many blacks who are just as angry and fed up with politicians that talk real sassy, then end up selling out the black community. African-Americans are no different than whites. We want better schools, safe neighborhoods and employment opportunities. What do Hillary Clinton and the Democrats offer us, but legalized marijuana, abortion on demand, amnesty for illegal immigrants and gender-neutral bathrooms?

The stakes are too high. Both parties want to push a one-world globalist agenda that undercuts religion, destroy families and steamrolls traditional institutions that were the glue holding societies together. I never voted Republican in my life, but I will gladly pull the lever for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson. The Democrats got to go!

The same thing will get us the same thing. We as black folks deserve better.