A photo of skeletons sitting down
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What happened to us? I say to my African American brethren: We’re better than this. We went from being brave to being moral cowards. The Little Rock Nine were determined to get educated despite taunts, slurs and violence. We put our lives on the line when we marched on the Edmund Pettis Bridge for the crime of wanting to vote. Who took away our courage? We are told it is misogynistic to be a man and make a stand. We are told we need to shielded into safe spaces because the world is too difficult to understand. We are weak so we need protectors. Some don’t want to hear the truth because they been raised on fear and lies. Racism doesn’t weaken a man, it should make you more determined to succeed. Martin Luther King knew he was going to die. He said, “I may not get there with you. But I want you to know… that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.” Honor this man’s dream and stop this foolishness. Our race has taken a wrong turn. We are the lost tribe taking forty years to make a ten minute journey. Progressives have fooled blacks. Did racism stop Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali? Hank Aaron broke the home run record despite numerous death threats. The only person that stops you is you. Racism shouldn’t stop you but motivate you. If someone is getting in the way of your dreams it should make you more determined to defeat him. Liberals have brainwashed people into believing that one should be shielded from challenges rather than figuring out how to solve them. If you are not going on offense, pushing the pot, angering and upsetting people, then you are not doing anything worthwhile. All solutions first start off as complicated problems. You’re not helping someone by making things easy for them. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were double screwed they were black and blind, but racism didn’t stop them from learning how to play the piano. History has shown people have done the impossible despite being called the N-word. The notion that racism makes men weak is nonsense. Only weak men succumb to bigotry. When someone rejects me it makes me more determined to succeed. They hate you because your presence makes them feel uncomfortable. You are the bright light amongst dim bulbs. They hate you because you’re doing what’s right in the eyes of the Lord. Take it as badge of honor when you get hate mail and angry letters. Because you are getting the scales off people’s eyes. While progressives push this “hate America” narrative, America has been good to them. Barack and Michelle Obama are getting sixty million dollars from the apartheid state of America. The America of the KKK has allowed race charlatans Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton lifestyles they could never dream about in Africa. This racist nation has welcomed them, taken them in as brothers and they show no gratitude for what America has done for them. Although slavery, Jim Crow and segregation were morally wrong, African Americans live better lives here in America than in Africa. Black Lies Matter talks about criminal justice but try telling a Somali police officer that you have rights. America is humane to women and gays — tell someone in Nigeria you’re a trans intersectional feminist. There is no free health care in Haiti and in Jamaica if you get sick and don’t pay out of pocket you’re not going to be treated. The poor in America live better than me and I work two jobs. They drive cars, have cellphones, cable TV, internet service and Sony PlayStations. I saw one homeless person in Georgetown carrying Gucci Bags and eating lasagne. Sometime I have to live on tuna fish and Cup Noodles. America is not perfect but this country twice elected a black president and almost elected a woman. The problem isn’t racism, it’s liberals poisoning children with this woe-is-me mindset rather than tapping into the potential God gives everyone. Our Republic was developed to prevent a centralized bureaucracy from turning its citizens into slaves. Our nation has gotten away from people wanting to uplift themselves to demanding that government solve all our problems. I believe people are capable of making their own decisions without an intrusive government telling them what’s best. We are a proud people with a proud Heritage. Our history is a history of uplift, holding on despite forces that try to destroy us. We have been lied to and we need to know the truth. Up, you mighty race — it’s time to unite, join our brothers and sisters in the cause of liberty and defeat Global Slavery once and for all.