Alan Grinberg/Flickr

We are all one including you and everyone you do and don’t know

we are the essence of all in all of the cosmos

we are the spirit, when we know thyself we grow

into our higher self from the low

We are love incarnated into this flesh you call the human form

we are all a unique piece to the puzzle, so theirs know need to be the norm

since there’s so many of us trying to be the same, the puzzle is now deformed

in competition with lack of self-love always devastated in mourn.

We are nature, the forest, the garden and the crops

we are the water that flows from the mountain tops

we are the wind that blows constantly and never stops

we are everything that exist, the soil, the crystals and the rocks.

We are the grass, trees and the sea’s

we are everything you can think of in your wildest dreams

we are star dust in this realm that has taken form of a human for all eyes to see

we are everything and nothing and all that will ever be

God is everywhere including in all humans which is mathematically placed

we are the essence that exist and the space

we are the spirit, not the religion, class, gender or race

we are perfect whole and complete and could never be replaced

we are unique expressions of GOD who has descended to Earth and now has a face.