A warming shelter for the homeless in Oshkosh, Wis., is closer to becoming a reality, organizers say, but it may not be until next winter when the facility is put to use, the Northwestern reports.  

The lower level cafeteria beneath the gymnasium at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish at its St. Peter Parish site on High Avenue is an option being looked at for the warming shelter, said Tina Haffeman to the Northwestern, of Oshkosh ESTHER, a faith-based justice organization that has studied the local need for a shelter.  

“It’s the best facility and location we’ve been offered so far,” she said. “There have been other offers, but they have fallen through.”  

Haffeman and other homeless advocates aim to have the shelter running as soon as possible, but adds that the homeless do have other options in the area.  

“We’re also using the advice of warming shelters that are in other communities, but every community needs to take care of its own,” Haffeman told the Northwestern.