“Wage theft” — how is that possible? Well, it happened to me when I went to work for a day with my cousin. (Some of the family has been through to check on me while living on the streets.)

It was hit or miss as far as getting on for the day. And when I got on, the procedure for payment wasn’t quite clear for temporary workers.

I never got a check at the end of the day, and I messed around and missed my ride for payday. So I contacted the company, and there was a lot of “Who?” “When?” and “Where’s the paperwork?”

I mentioned it to my job counselor at Green Door (now MBI Health Services), who pursued the matter and provided the proper paperwork. Yet the company still stalled on delivery of a check. They came back and said they had already provided my check. They said I signed for it! Yeah, right.

Why would I be contacting them for my pay, especially for only one day, if I had received the check? The matter never got corrected or pursued beyond that point. So either the company was irresponsible enough to let someone else pretend to be me and pick up the check, or I’m a victim of wage theft!