Brookings Institution & Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Washington can keep deluding itself, but there is a wave of discontent in our country.  Americans are tired of both political parties that assume the masses are uncultured and unrefined dupes that need pollsters, experts and consultants to tell us what to say, think, and do.

When I see how the establishments try to take out Donald Trump, I identify because I’ve also received hate mail, rebuttals and condemnations for not being politically correct.

I don’t agree with Donald Trump but I find it refreshing to see someone kicking over the applecart known as Washington D.C.

I once considered myself a Democrat, however I never thought the Democratic Party would let the inmates run the asylum. When I saw what happened recently at the Netroots Convention where Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were being booed for saying “All lives Matter” instead of just “Black Lives Matter,” I felt a pit in my stomach. I don’t regret leaving the party.

I also don’t agree with Bernie Sanders, but respect his authenticity. He’s a man with great integrity whose championed civil rights as well as the working class. If Bernie Sanders isn’t liberal enough for the far left, I don’t know who will be.

I don’t support Democrats anymore because I feel they have no backbone. They let the special interests do whatever they want, no matter how destructive their behavior is.

There are no Harry Truman’s or John F Kennedy’s that stand up to the fringes of the party. The Democrats of today are cowards. They are like the kid that keeps getting his lunch money stolen. How can you vote for someone like Martin O’Malley that apologizes for saying “All Lives Matter?” If you can’t stand up to the extremists, how are you going to stand up to ISIS or Vladimir Putin?

There’s this notion among white liberals that you can’t criticize the victim class because they will become wounded. However most of the aggrieved are middle class, The American Dream is working for them, feeling guilty or condescending does not help — it keeps our nation in perpetual dysfunction.

Hillary will lose because people like authenticity. She represents all that’s wrong about the Democratic Party. Instead of focusing on bread and butter issues she’s pandering to every interest group, promising things that can’t be delivered without congressional approval such as amnesty for illegal immigrants, equal pay for feminists and cradle to grave welfare for single moms and minorities. This has been the Democratic Party playbook for fifty years: promise a lot, deliver a little and hope the base doesn’t start a riot for next election cycle.

That is why Donald Trump’s message is resonating. It’s not just Tea Party voters, it’s disgruntled Democrats such as myself that want to hear about jobs instead of sexual and gender politicking. Straight talk is refreshing voice in a sea of political correctness. The polls say people are pissed, they don’t like the direction this country’s headed and they’re in rebellion mode.

Like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump will shock the establishment. Both parties think working class people are stupid. They are trying to peddle retreads from the past so they can continue their globalist agenda. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is awakening the sleeping giant known as the Silent Majority.