Johnny Silvercloud


I believed Barack Obama, as our first black president, would be a net positive for the black community. However I became dismayed when I saw every grievance group, such as feminists, gays and illegal immigrants, elevated, while the president lectured African Americans to stop whining and get on their marching shoes. It’s embarrassing to see how many Negroes walk around grinning with Obama shirts and hats. They have a black president who did so little for them. In predominately black cities such as Baltimore and Washington, D.C., people grumble about gentrification. Who do they think gentrified them? The people they keep begging to help them.

Although I’m of African descent, I don’t share the same plantation mentality prevalent among Negroes. I refer to people of color as Negroes, not African Americans, because most Negroes don’t know a damn thing about Africa and most Africans look down on the African American.

Although blacks have been freed generations ago, many have not adjusted to the free life. Too many still have a plantation mentality. Groups such as Black Lives Matter are not indicative of the wisdom of Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. These were the Alpha males of the black community, men who refused to submit to the man. Although they won’t admit it, Black Lives Matter activists believe in white supremacy. They are saying they’re inferior because they’re not capable of making decisions for themselves without help from whites.

Instead of shooting for the stars, they’re willing to settle for the few crumbs the white liberal slavemaster throws at them, such as low income housing, instead of demanding high quality housing, or a $15 minimum wage instead of looking for the maximum wage. They cry about their schools instead being resourceful — learning the skills that produce higher income.

The problem with liberals is they speak the language of helping people but rarely help them. Look at your communities, look at the people you elect. Observe the black pastors that keep serving you up to these liberal politicians who have trapped you into failing schools. White privilege is the belief that because I’m white I’m superior, and blacks cannot succeed unless we take care of them. They believe that because African Americans are inferior, they need to be protected, because they are not capable of thinking for themselves. Truth is too many Negroes prove them right!

African Americans are the fish that keeps getting caught. No matter what shiny lure you throw at them, they keep biting the hook. They never learn lessons, just more abuse. These are the same people that famously called Bill Clinton our first black president — why? Because he ate fried chicken and collard greens at black churches, while at the same time putting a third of black men in jail with his anti-black policies.

Truth is, manufactured racism is the gravy train of the race-hustling complex. It’s what puts food on the table. They’re not interested in ending racism or poverty, because if they ended it there wouldn’t be Black Studies professors or the token negro. They are tools used to oversee and crack down on blacks who run off the ideological plantation, and to fool Negroes into believing that if you play ball, liberals will make you relevant. Any black that resists the idea that they need whites to lord over top of them becomes persona non grata and is excommunicated.

Message to my black brothers: You are free, you no longer have to stay on the liberal plantation. Donald Trump is the next Harriet Tubman.

All aboard! The Trump Train’s coming, but will the black man have enough sense to get on board?

Jeffrey McNeil is a frequent contributor to Street Sense.