Andrew Bossi/Wikimedia Commons

This is my family’s first visit to the cemetery after the passing of my father. It felt strange to visit him there. But it was a beautiful, nice spring day, peaceful and like another world.

It was joy, love, holding Dad, and talking to him. We were all excited, as we searched for the plot from the sheet of paper the funeral Director had given us. We visited my grandparents and uncle and my mother really wanted to see her parents. They both were buried together, Eula Mae Smith and Nathaniel Russell Smith.

We put flowers on the graves, laughed, and talked to them. How many years has it been since we visited them here? We stayed awhile and were the happiest with my father. We walked until we spotted Taylor on the tomb, where there were prepared plots for all of us when our time comes to share eternal life with him, and spend peace and love forever as we will all join one day in God’s Kingdom.

We all cried and enjoyed seeing him, kissing his tomb stone, telling him how much we love him and miss him, and will cherish him forever. We felt this passion for him, and the tears were of joy on this beautiful spring day (which was on a Saturday). He was so happy to see us. We took pictures, everyone got a chance to speak to Dad and shed a tear, as we laid the flowers and a wreath on the gravesite.

Dad spoke back to us in spirit. He thanked us for our visit as he reached out from the grave and cried ‘it’s been so long, so long that I missed you all since my death.  You are all a part of me, my life, and my joy.  I miss you all and have made me so happy by coming to visit me. I am alone here, without you all. Nobody is here to talk to me. It is a lonely resting place for me. But I am an angel, now in heaven. My body is just a resting place here. I am with Jesus. I am very happy, happy to have a new mind, body and health. There is peace with no sickness, no illness, no worry and no pain. I thank God I am cancer free. 

I am walking around with my robe and my halo and wings on golden water and ground. This is paradise. This is happiness. I love you all. I will just say that I love you all and give you a big hug and kiss. Remember me always. Love you always, your father, your grandfather, your husband. I miss quiet time and moments with you. Spending time with you, enjoying you. I want us to be together forever. I miss Bridgett, going to the store with you and mom eating Popeyes chicken; watching movies, watching the news and when you cared for me during my illness. Big hug to you all. I knew I could depend on you to turn everything over to you. I am very happy about that.  I love you all, forever.’

My father was glad to see us all. He cried and cried as we left the grave site. We gave him our final goodbyes and a kiss and the last pictures taken by my mother. My mother took it hard at first, but we made her laugh and she shed a tear and talked to him as she laid the flowers. My father enjoyed seeing us and we enjoyed speaking to him.

It was a beautiful day. My best friend and her boyfriend came and we cried and then left them at the cemetery. As we got in the car we waved goodbye to him, and went to my mother’s house. We further celebrated, played music of joy – a memorial for dad. We had drinks, pizza, and chicken salad. We all rejoiced in our visit to him. He will be remembered.