Picture of Sunrise

As the new year approaches, many people look back on the holidays and assess the significance of all its decorations and shopping. These rituals are not significant. Christmas is honored because God sent us a heavenly atoner for our sins. He did it because he cares for his creation.

Homeless people, I believe, at some time or another, become aware of His presence in our lives. That awareness might come as a sense that you are being warned to stay away from a place or a person. Or it could come when you are in a strange city and you call the hotline for a shelter and you find out there is one only about a 15-minute walk away and it is a good one, with meals, in good condition and has friendly staff. Or maybe it is like the time when you are outside in the dark at night alone and a little scared and you make it to your destination.

God may not give us all what we want and to some it may seem that he does not parcel his blessings evenly, but there are times when we should say thank you. You say thank you for being there with us and at times, just like the poem, you say thank you for carrying us.

I hope for all of you a happy and prosperous New Year.