cynthia mewborn
Cynthia Mewborn

Vendor Cynthia Mewborn says her tremendous faith in God motivates her to keep marching on, even through difficult circumstances.

“God Knows what’s best for me,” Mewborn said.

Selling Street Sense has provided many opportunities for Mewborn. She first heard of Street Sense two years ago through another vendor and decided that it was something she wanted to pursue. She says she has met many friendly and genuine people. Mewborn uses the paper as an opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people. She has really enjoyed her experience but aspires to move on to other ventures.

Mewborn has studied all forms of science and is seeking a career where she can utilize her knowledge and skills. She has a background in computer science and is quite in tune with environmental issues. She has been invited to speak about the environment at a local university in the upcoming weeks. Mewborn landed this speaking engagement by meeting someone while selling papers.

At the present moment Mewborn turns to her faith to steer her in the right direction, but she does plan to pursue further education. In her spare time, Mewborns love of singing helps maintain her positive attitude.

Recently, Mewborn sang in front of a large crowd in D.C. near The George Washington University campus and university. Singing and composing music has always been something that is near to her heart.
Mewborn has observed significant changes in D.C., while out in the city selling papers. Racial integration particularly, is something that is changing the city, but for the better, according to Mewborn.

Mewborn grew up in Maryland but has lived in D.C. for a while now. She says that even in the last couple of years, thing have improved in the city and that the racial mix that now makes up the city will be beneficial. Mewborn notes that even the sturggling neighborhoods in D.C. are being transformed.
“You had to be mindful when you went outside, now things are beginning to change,” Mewborn said.

Mewborn believes that the result of wealthier people moving into low income neighborhoods will be good for the city. There will be better schools, a safer environment and less crime, according to Mewborn.
“I’m just trying to have a positive outlook on life as I go through these negative situations,” she added.