Bobby Buggs
Street Sense Media

Bobby Buggs was born in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1971. He came to Washington in the late 1980s to live with his brother. He is currently homeless, but he hopes to be a success in the fashion industry. Street Sense wishes him good luck. 

How long have you been homeless?
I ran away from in 1986 and have been homeless off and on since then. I tried all the tricks of the trade to keep a roof over my head. I was always living in someone else’s place. 



Why do you sell Street Sense?
I really enjoy meeting people. I’ve met so many people who have taken the time out, who may or may not have had the time, to just talk with me and ask me about myself and if I have any needs or if I need any prayer about certain issues. Right now, a job opportunity is not an option for me. Street Sense has been the backbone of support for me as far as financial stability and also support in general. 


Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
Five years from now I would like to be in college with residency.  I would like to be completing an associate’s degree in business administration and pursuing a career in the fashion industry. That would be a blessing if I could complete that goal. 


What sparked your interest in going into the fashion industry?
I was introduced to a gentleman who was a storeowner, and he showed me the ins and the outs of the fashion industry from retail sale all the way to the three major fashion expo shows that occur once every year. He always showed me the possibilities that come with the fashion industry. With that I came to the conclusion, with the fact of my middle name being Gene, I should specialize in blue jean denim. 


What advice would you give to anybody who is currently homeless?
use resources wisely, and with patience, perseverance and prayer, just about anything is possible. 


Favorite movie?
The Missing 


Favorite food?
Italian cuisine