August Mallory is 47 years old and originally from Indianapolis. He currently lives in Baltimore and sells

Street Sense both in Baltimore and in Washington, D.C. Mallory is a Navy veteran and holds in a two-year associates degree in industrial engineering. In 2002 Mallory started his own wholesale/retail mail-order business in Baltimore that serves local supermarkets and retailers. Mallory also works with a catering company for a hotel in

Baltimore. He just moved into his own apartment but was previously homeless for two years.

Why do sell Street Sense?

I enjoy meeting people. I like being out and being with the public and interacting with them. Not only that, but it raises awareness on the growing problem of homeless and educates the public.

How did you become homeless?

It started in South Carolina in 1996. I was working in a parts distribution warehouse. There were some disputes between management and their clients and it wasn’t long before the warehouse was shutdown. Myself, along with 500 other people, were given pink slips and laid off. I was out of money and couldn’t afford my apartment after about three months. I was later referred to a shelter known as the Oliver Rescue Mission and stayed there for about a year. While there I looked for employment and eventually went to Greenville, South Carolina, for work. In Greenville I went to another shelter and met a man who told me about Washington D.C. He mentioned all the services that I could get here in D.C. So I went to Washington and came to the Central Union Mission. I remember getting a lot of stares and odd looks when I would ask people for directions of the shelter. Once I got to the Mission, I could only stay there for 90 days. After Central Union Mission, I checked into the CCNV shelter where I could stay for one year.

What has helped you rise out of homelessness?

Having to save my income and getting advice from counseling and others forms of information of the services available and putting it to use.

What advice would you give to anyone who is currently homeless?

Use the services that are available to you and save your money. Don’t engage in frivolous spending such as cigarettes and alcohol. That’s expensive stuff that you don’t need and can do without. Try to use your money for the things that you really need and save your money. Apply for Section 8 housing and use the services that are at your disposal.

Favorite book?

The police novel “Lines and Shadows,” by Joseph Wambaugh.

Favorite food?


Favorite Movie?

The Final Countdown, with Kirk Douglass and Martin Sheen.