Photo of Muriel Dixon

Muriel, you surely will be missed by an array of people. Especially your friend Michael Jackson, whom you helped through the good and the bad. Even though we did not agree on everything, you did get to see me sober and clean. I recall the times when we were both homeless, you would let me stay in the comfort of those twenty blankets you had stashed. Even though you had a nice home to go to, you would sleep outside. One thing for sure, when you did get your own apartment you would invite the homeless over for a weekend to be fed, wash their clothes, shower, and just be in a comfortable environment. You had a passion to cook Sunday meals and take them to various parks and feed the homeless.

Before passing, Muriel was a student at UDC to become a social worker because of the needs of the homeless in this city. Muriel also was a Street Sense vendor for about a year and an advocate for the homeless.

Your memories will always be in my heart, Muriel. May you rest in peace, my friend. May God comfort you in His everlasting love.