Photo of a giraffe looking over a fence.
Photo by Alexander Ross on Unsplash

Years ago we had a fascinating experience in the zoo. 

First thing that we saw running quickly across one pathway was this cute adorable chipmunk trying to forage food. Then there was a tall yellowish-orange giraffe that ate hay. I wonder, how can an animal that tall be a vegan? 

We saw a happy elephant walking, eating fruit in ice. There were hippos, too, walking in water, which is exciting. We were eating many snack foods while strolling through the trails. The reptiles there have many teeth to catch prey and eat.

We saw some pandas trying to mate. At least the male was trying, but the female was giving him a hard time. At the end of our trip we saw groups of lemurs on a mountain top with a waterfall flowing through it. They were making calls to each other. Orangutans were put to the test to see how intellectual they are. As we were exiting, we ran into the part of the zoo where we could pet cows, goats, and rabbits. 

The transportation went smoothly on Metro; there were no mess ups this time.